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Can Love be Visualized?

Perhaps not without daydreaming about your crush, but your survey responses can! Join us on this journey to learn about some of the preferences and habits we've discovered from several years of survey responses!

About Participants of PM22

In 2022, we received 3,677 valid responses. Here is a look at the results of the survey!

CS students seem to really need our help; 519 of them participated in PM22. The second place went to Biological Science with 258 participants.

Juniors made up the highest proportion of the PM22 client body. Also interesting to notice is that 5 faculty members filled out the survey!

For better or worse, height is one of the first qualities that people evaluate when looking for a significant other. For female participants, the median height is 65 inches, and for male participants, it is 70 inches. Interested to see how your height compares to other students'?

*Participants who gave their gender as non-binary individual or other are excluded due to small sample size.

About Dating and More

Key Takeaways

  • Don't sweat if you have never been in a relationship before. 30% of participants said they had never been in a relationship.
  • Only 50% of CS students had their longest relationship >= 3 months.
  • AAP students tended to have the most long-lasting relationship. They also had dated the most people in the last five years.
  • The median number of people that the participants had dated in the last five years was 1.
  • "Funny" and "smart" were the top adjectives used by people to describe themselves and their ideal partner.
  • Only 6.5% of participants said they spent their typical Friday night studying.
  • Only a few people said they preferred to be paired with someone who is less easygoing or extroverted than themselves.

We asked participants to give the length of their longest relationship. The results indicate that AAP and ILR students tend to be in longer relationships.

Longest Relationship (in Months), by College

We also asked participants to give the number of people they had dated in the last five years. It is interesting to observe how female and male participants, and students in different colleges, gave different numbers.

Number of People one had Dated, by Gender

*Participants who gave their gender as non-binary individual or other are excluded due to small sample size.

Number of People one Had Dated, by College

Participants used surprisingly similar words when asked to describe themselves in three adjectives. "Funny" took the first place, without a doubt. "Smart" and "caring" were also popular options.

Top Adjectives Used to Describe Oneself

"Funny," "smart," and "caring" were also the top adjectives used to describe an ideal partner by the participants. "Loyal" was the only word popular in this question (describing an ideal partner) but not in the previous question (describing yourself).

Top Adjectives Used to Describe Ideal Partner

People also rated whether they were more extroverted or introverted, easygoing or assertive. Notice that only a few of them said they preferred to be paired with someone who is less easygoing or extroverted than themselves.

Extroverted or Introverted

Easygoing or Assertive

38.5% of participants thought that differences in political views were a deal breaker. Here is how people rated their political tendencies on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the farthest left and 10 being the most right.

Political Tendency

Answers to our controversial questions remained pretty consistent between 2021 and 2022.

Would you rather have more time, influence, or money?

Would you like to be paired with someone who has mostly similar or different interests to you?

Where would you go on a first date?

What would an average Friday night look like?

Thanks for taking Perfect Match this year and don't be afraid to shoot your shot!

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